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    After every synch, my TREO600 wants to reset. After the reset I have apps there that I deleted earlier. This happens everytime! There are no apps listed in the install tool when I sync. I have no idea why this happens and would love some help to make it stop! Thanks...

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    You could try removing the applications from your back up folder.

    Folder with named your user name
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    THAT WORKED!! Thanks! The only wierd thing is that the c:\Program Files\Handspring\??? directory wasn't my username. Wierd... but it did work! Thanks again!

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    It's something like part of your username.

    My user name is my first and last name.

    The folder is the the first few letters of my last name plus the first initial of my first name.
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    If I wanted to completely start over with the treo 600, which .prc files should I keep in that Backup folder? I was planning to do the upgrade for the latest firmware, but then delete all of the files from the Backup folder, and then sync ical and address book from scratch again.

    My only concern is where does the Treo get my personal phone info? Is that based somewhere else, or is it on a "configuration" file in the backup folder.

    Thanks for your help.

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