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    dear all:
    I wanna buy
    NEW Orange Boxed Handspring Treo 600 UNLOCKED +SIM FREE

    > I asked Vendor :
    > Orange unlocked phone with an official unlock code. Upgrading
    > firmware will lock the phone again. in order to unlock phone,You
    > will have to apply the code again after upgrading. Again. Could You
    > help me upgrade phone and apply the code before shipping ? least
    > Version 「Firmware 3.04, Software 1.12 」

    >Vendor reply me :
    >We usually load on standard non-Orange firmware to allow for easy >upgrading in future, we can load on whichever you want.

    is Vendor's talk true ?????
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    Could be... if you load the 'patched' version of the update, it will unlock a SIMlocked Orange phone.

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