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    Hi JoJo,

    I activated the Easter Egg about a week ago (or so). No taxi, ship, blimp, or UFO has crossed my screen that I have seen. But I wait with baited breath. (I used some nice worms )
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    I was streaming Radio Paradise on Shoutcast using pTunes Deluxe and my new iRock 400 FM transmitter (works great at home and in my car ) yesterday and saw the Taxi again. I was a little quicker on the draw and got the whole Taxi. Sometimes it puffs out exhaust and sometimes it doesn't.

    Enjoy the Attached Image ,
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Way to go, redshifted!!!!
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    Funny...your taxi seem to always appear when you're using PTunes.
    Do you think there's any relation?

    I saw my taxi only once and never since.
    I spend a lot of time playing Dynomite & Cubis and it never appear while I'm be honest with you I can't even remember what screen I was in the first (and last time) I saw it
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    Have a look at this:
    download the program at the bottom of the page
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    yeaahh but that app kills the whole excitement of randomly seeing your taxi drive accross your screen (by chance, I may add) b/c with that prc you can induce the taxi by tapping on the taxi taxi app.

    The reason why people get so excited about the taxi is b/c you literally think for a minute that your palm is possessed when this caricature comes out of no where and you think, "what is that?"...and then after the awe dissipates your first thought is "How did I do that?"
    followed by "How can I do it again?" until you check the forum and find out that your palm is not possessed after all
    Then, you're basically hoping that you might see it again (some day)
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    Hey, thats cheating! Heh. I feel the same way, JoJo_78.
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    I've caught the pics of the Taxi in PTunes probably because the screen is so plain and I have the screen set to stay on. The yellowTaxi catches my peripheral vision easier on the mostly static, black text on white backround of my skinless PTunes screen.

    I see the Taxi most often in PTunes and the camera app. It freezes the camera app when it's chugging across the screen. These are the apps that get the most face time on my Treo. I've never seen it when surfing the web, sending email, SMS, Klondike or Zap 2016.

    Handspring Treo 600 R.I.P. ...
    Insurance replacement Sprint Treo 755P ...
    16GB iPhone 3G
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    I activated the Easter Egg a couple of months ago. I've seen what appears to be a white tugboat go across my screen on three different occasions. I've never seen a yellow taxi, though. Does what you see (taxi, tugboat, UFO) depend on your version of Palm? I'm still on a Treo 300, so I have Palm 3.5.
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    I've seen the little bugger six times this week. I guess I'll be months waiting for it to come back around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    Are you sure it wasn't my shadow?
    chick, you are very easy on the eyes! are you spoken for?
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    got the egg very cool stuff!
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    I've seen the Taxi two times in the past month...once while uploading a picture and the other time just today while sending email.
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    Hey, finally. After having the easter egg enabled since I first got my Treo back in October of 2003, I finally saw the taxi! So happens, I was connected to the Treo via mDesk and was just shutting down something else on my desktop when the little bugger rolled across the Treo desktop display. Treo itself was dark.
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    My first Taxi experience!!!!!!!

    I enabled the egg this past weekend and just now, between songs while listening to Bob Schneider on PTunes, the little yellow guy put-putted across my screen. Here I thought you all were just trying to fabricate an urban legend, and now I've seen the sign!!

    It was kind of exciting, but it was over so fast, I'm not sure how I feel about the experience. Hmmm......


    My taxi went from right to left on the screen. Is this because I reside in the northern hemisphere? Does the taxi go from left to right for our friends "down under"?
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    Have you guys played Elite with the Easter egg turned on? You'll see two hanging dice on the screen!

    eTreo, I'm right on the equator, and the taxi goes from right to left too
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