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    From an AP story:

    SALINAS, Calif. -- Cheating has gone high tech at Everett Alvarez High School, and administrators have the pictures to prove it.

    School officials banned cellular telephone use after a student was caught using a camera phone to photograph an exam and trying to send it to a friend.

    "All we are doing is stepping up the enforcement level, because of the student's flagrant violations," Principal Joe Rice said Monday.

    Cheating by using camera phones and text messaging has become a nationwide concern.

    Last year, six University of Maryland students admitted cheating on an accounting exam by using their phones to send information to one another via text messaging.

    The Salinas Union High School District has had a ban on "electronic signaling devices" since April 2003 but has let individual schools decide how to enforce it.

    A teacher caught the student who took the photograph of a test before he was able to transmit the image, Rice said.
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    Wunnerful - and, of course, that means total ban of all cellphones AND PDAs from any testing situation.

    Aside - when taking a written flight test it's always been okay to have a calculator - INCLUDING specially-programmed calculators that precontain formulas, etc - the idea is they don't care how YOU compute the answer as long as YOU compute the answer.

    How much ya wanna bet that's about to get thrown right out?

    All it'll take is ONE cheater SMSing the question and answer back-n-forth.

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    We've had a statewide ban of cell phones for several years. I don't allow students to keep their fancy trig calculators out during my French classes, cause they smart/lazy ones put their vocab in them. Of course, this is why when we administer the math portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, the state provides the low-tech calculators.

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