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    Hi Guys,

    I don't know if it is true - this store has Treo 610 for preorder:

    Wonder if PalmOne will provide an upgrade if this really comes out Q4 2004.
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    This is ridiculous.
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    i concur
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    Hi, please pay us $800 today for a phone that does not exist. Yes, it could be announced at anytime and yes it could be $299 when it comes out as well, but you want to be able to tell everyone that you're a moron that paid too much for a phone that doesn't exsist. Oh and the company gets to make money on the interest that you gave them upfront. And since there is no guarantee the phone will even come out, your money could be held by them for an unspecific amount of time. Not to mention they are not them company who even makes the phone. Just an inbetween person. So please, get your credit card and call now, to be the first on your block to order a phone that has not even been announced yet.
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    If anyone wants to do this, I'll provide the same service for $750. My plan: take your money now, and if the phone ever comes out go buy it for $400 and laugh. Geez.
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    Yea, I'm liking the old handspring logo too! LOL
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    The sad thing is that there are people that actually fall for things like this.
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    Looks like a scam to me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThirdType
    The sad thing is that there are people that actually fall for things like this.
    GOD DARN IT!!! I thought I'd beat the rush when I ordered it! Are you sure it's a scam?!? Do you think I should call up and cancel?

    Oh whoaaa - the pain!
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    yes, you could be waiting for 6 months or more
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    The photo they show, has a Handspring logo on it. Most Treo 600's started shipping with a PalmOne logo right after the acquisition. I highly doubt that they will go back to a Handspring logo.

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    Ill provide the same service for only $798.95!! That's a savings of over $1.00 You can buy a burger off the dollar menu with all that savings!!

    The savings is because I accept cash only. You can mail it to me.

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    I thought the 610 was without camera. Not even sure about resolution.
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    there is no treo 610
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    Hmmm... I am sold! And, what a bargain by KRamsauer! Only $750!

    I would feel safer putting it on a credit card though, but if you insist I just send you the cash I guess that would be OK. What's the address?
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    123 Fake Street

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    Hey! That's my phone in that pic!!!
    How did it get there??!!

    I swear's the same...same color, same handspring icon, same everything...
    I guess I have the Treo610
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    Are you sure it's safe to send cash in the mail? OK, if you say so... It's on the way.
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    I just noticed under "availability" it says "in-stock."

    They have a NYC telephone number, maybe I should stop by and pick one up.
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    Oh my God have you guys seen how many viewers this thread has pulled!!!!
    Hahahahaha This is messed up, someone should drop those people a line (peeps who claim they have the phone in-stock). It's not right...they should be allowed to deceive people like that (I mean it's even worse if someone actually falls for it).

    Should I email them and give them some Caribbean tongue lash.
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