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    One thing I hate is that the battery is not removeable. We all know that after you recharge and discharge (or almost discharge) the battery the battery memory starts to lose out. I kill the battery each day (getting it to around 10% left) and recharge it again, do to my heavy internet usage. How long will I have before the battery starts to hold a smaller charge and what can be done if the battery dies? I was thinking about the extended battery but its is a bit bulky and I will be unable to use the phone in any case. Anyone have any ideas? A lot of the time, I keep it plugged in while on the web, but than its charging up again.

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    Li Ion - these batteries don't exhibit the same "memory" characteristic as a NiCad or NiMHi that most older cell phones had in them. As far as I have seen (had a 180, 270, 300 and now 600), the memory effect, if it exists at all, is negligible.

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    With Li-Ion, you should top up often. That will extend the life the most. That said, I am a pretty hard user and my 270 battery lasted 2 years or so before it started showing the initial signs of aging. It wasn't too hard to open the case and replace the non-replaceable battery. It now has an even higher capacity after market battery and lasts even longer. I think the replacement of the 600 battery may be a bit more difficult, when that time comes, as it may not have the same nice connector that the 270 had. Again, though, I suspect it won't be too hard for the brave at heart and moderately skilled with tiny things and soldering irons.

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