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    (From the WSJ):

    Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
    May 7, 2004

    PalmOne Inc. has launched a flagship retail store at Philadelphia International Airport, making it the eleventh in a string of retail outlets that the hand-held device maker has quietly opened in the past year and a half.
    PalmOne, Milpitas, Calif., opened the flagship 1,400-square-foot store in Philadelphia's airport in mid-April, said Kanwal Sharma, director of retail stores for palmOne. The company has also opened other stores, which carry a mix of palmOne hand-held computers and smartphones, in malls in northern California and across the East Coast. It plans to open other outlets in Atlanta airport and Newark airport in the coming months, Mr. Sharma said.
    PalmOne has been quietly pursuing a retail strategy since October 2002, Mr. Sharma added. Its store outlets, which are typically small and kiosk-like, are aimed at educating consumers about hand-held computers and smartphones and are also designed to jump-start sales, he said.
    PalmOne's store openings come at a time when other tech companies have had mixed success with their own retail stores. Personal-computer maker Gateway Inc., for example, recently shuttered its money-losing retail stores, for instance. Meanwhile, Apple Computer Inc. has successfully built up a chain of retail stores across the country and overseas, but the stores have generated friction between the company and some of its retail channel partners.
    Mr. Sharma said palmOne is taking a different approach than other tech companies with its retail strategy because it is opening lower-cost kiosks in malls instead of higher-end retail stores. What's more, while palmOne is paying the rent for the outlets, the stores are being maintained by independent operators, which lowers infrastructure and labor costs.
    "This is a learning exercise for us," said Mr. Sharma, who characterized palmOne's retail approach as "cautious." He added that the company is still assessing how many stores to add or subtract every quarter.
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    I'm guessing it's near the U.S. Air terminal where that "mall" type area is?

    Anyone confirm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    I'm guessing it's near the U.S. Air terminal where that "mall" type area is?

    Anyone confirm?
    Yup, that's Terminal B with the stores and the large food court .
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    anyone ever been to the san francisco "store," judging from the pics on their site i figured it to be a actuality it's one of those carts in the middle of the mall. quite disappointing. it took weeks for them to get the damn stereo headphone adapters in.

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