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    I was looking for some software so I could send FLASH sms messages. I found one called Mobimessenger...but it says you need a java enabled phone. Not sure what constitutes a java enabled phone, can some enlighten a Treoo 600 such ?

    To follow on from that question, I guess I hsould post to software forum but for the sake of continuity of the subject, does anyone know a sms application that will send flash sms and work on a Treoo 600 ? Thanks,
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    You can get the J2ME for the Treo600 here. Once you download and install it, you can download the Mobimessenger midlet directly to the Treo using the MidletHQ app. Alternatively, I've converted and attached the prc below as well! Cheers!

    Note, you must download the J2ME first!
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