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    hey fellow treeites, does anyone else have the belagio leather case for the troe600...its avilable on treocetral store. anyway i was wondering if anyone has the need for screen protector or does the case protect the screen... i am not sure if i should get the protectors or not, if i do do they have to be treo 600 specific, or can i trim a pda one down?
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    You will be better off getting a screen protector desgined to fit the Treo 600. Sure you can get the generic protectors, or protectors for another PDA and then trim it down to fit but it won't look good and installation will be harder.

    I suggest looking at either the Brando, Boxwave or Martin Fields screen protectors. They are the best.
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    I use the Bellagio case as do most of the people at my office. The fact that it leaves the keyboard and screen unobstructed is a huge plus. Very high quality as well. Yes the screen gets dirty easily but I have a small PDA chamois to wipe it clean. Any eyeglass cloth will do.
    My Treo is handled, sometimes by over 100 people per day since I demo the unit and it's still in great shape.
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    I use the Bellagio case and just LOVE it. I also use the Boxwave screen protector which works great. Highly recommend both!!
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    I also use the Bellagio case with a Boxwave protector and it works well. I was a little concerned about how well it would protect the Treo, but I recently suffered a 4 foot drop to a concrete floor with no visible or functional damage.

    I originally bought the Treo branded side case from CompUSA but two things annoyed me: first, the headphone jack cutout does not allow you to remove the Treo without unplugging the headphones - extremely annoying if you want to skip a song or adjust the volume when listening to music. Secondly, the side case does not have a cutout for the rear speaker, and the phone rings at about 25% of full volume when in the case; it's very easy to miss a call if you're in a noisy environment.

    Anyway, back on topic. I'm very happy with the Bellagio/Boxwave combo and would recommend it.
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    My Bellagio case and Boxwave screenprotectors arrived today, i can't wait to get home to put everything together. I'll post my opinion ASAP. (Glad to hear others like this combination)
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    please post lots of pictures of the treo in the case!

    side views, top views, back views, etc... thanks!
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    I will have to say that this case is the best case i have had for any device. I've had the Krusell and the Vaja cases for various devices but this bellagio case with belt clip for the 600 is AWSOME. I've used Boxwave protectors before and I knew they would be good. I will attempt to post some pictures later.
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    Top partr is great but bottom is thin and flimsy and soon starts sagging over parts of Treo that should be accessible. Major problem.
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    Having purchased 15 Bellagio cases for my company, I have found that, typical of many leather products, they sometimes fit slightly differently out of the box. I've had no complaints about the bottom, although I see what you are saying. However, all the cut outs are in the right place, the camera does not get covered, there is a cutout for the reset hole, and most importantly, it leaves the screen and keyboard unobstructed.

    Once you form the leather snug around the Treo, it will mold over a few days.

    If anyone knows of a better belt clip case that does not cover the front of the Treo let me know.

    I would also like to see Bellagio offer this case in Alligator or Ostrich skin as shown in the insert that comes with the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PalmLover
    If anyone knows of a better belt clip case that does not cover the front of the Treo let me know.
    The Krusell case does not cover the front of the Treo. The initial design did have a clear plastic front but they've since removed it.
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    Ah, I just checked it out on the Treocentral store. I was wondering how they deal with the zipper without any front cover but then I noticed, the cut out only exposes the screen. The keyboard will still be covered by plastic. This is actually a good option but I still find thumbing directly on the keypad much better than through plastic. However that's just me. It might be worth a try given the smaller profile compared to the Bellagio.

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    They do offer it in ostrich or alligator. Just call them and ask. It will be a little bit more (I think $10) and it will take a few more days to deliver.
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    Sorry I was not clearer. Yes-Case is constructed to leave everything accesible but bottom of case is thin and stretches and sage over connector on bottom of Treo. When you power or connect to puter you have to take fingernail and pull bottom of case up. No one with same problem? Saw it mentioned in a review. John
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    I love my bellagio case and Nushield screen protector.
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    i thought it was just me. But I still love the case though. I just make sure that if Im at a club or doing excessive walking, to take the phone out the case and put it back in,...upside down. Yep. thats the best way to prevent it from sliding to the ground and getting damaged all while your fantastic leather case is still attached to your waist.
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    Bellagio and G2 screen protector for me and I've been very happy with both.

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