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    I have just upgraded from a Palm Vx to the Treo 600 from Cingular. After my very first sync I have lost both the Basic and Advanced Calculator application. I've been unable to find it anywhere on the CD or on my desktop. Where can I find the software to download and reload it.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Sorry, can't help you.
    I have a Treo 600 and it already includes a Calculator...a good one at that.
    Have you tried doing a search in Google for example.
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    Was the calculator available on your Treo 600 before you did your sync? If you are not sure and you had a full backup of your Vx or Treo 600, you can do a hard reset of your Treo. Do this only if you had a full backup. Your calculator should be back as it was.

    What sync software were you using on your Palm Vx?
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    There are free calculators available at
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    Considering that the Calculator survives a hard reset, I believe it is an application located in ROM. Your calculator is there... somewhere...

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