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    I am hoping someone here can help me. I have a treo 600(Sprint), and a Delorme earthmate usb that I would love to connect. I purchased a cable from pc supply which looks correct, however, I don't seem to be getting any data from the receiver into the treo. The receiver lights up, so I know it is powered on. Any suggestion? Thanks!
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    most likely you're out of luck. search treocentral for 'delorme' and you'll dredge up the details. no one makes a cable that works for the earthmate and the 600. there are cables that work for older treo models - just not for the 600! note that delorme doesn't list any treo's in their supported PDA list. we've put a man on the moon, two golf carts on mars, and sprayable cheese in a can, but we can't get someone to manufacture and sell an earthmate-to-treo600 cable. it mystifies me why delorme doesn't cause this to happen. even if you get the cable to work, there may be software issues if you try to use delorme's palm software. you'll discover this if you search treocentral and read through all the delorme posts. actually, since treocentral had disk problems, those posts may have been lost? in any event, in case you haven't guessed already, i own a 600 and an earthmate and this drives me nuts :-).
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    The eartmate is getting a fiz, the light on the receiver is showing green. I am using sirf-nmea protocol. Any clue what serial port settng I should be using? Bome on---I know this can work! LOL
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    have you tried this?

    DeLorme - Earthmate
    Part #: 100070I-GPS
    Handspring Treo 90/180/270/300/600

    Directly connect the Delorme Earthmate GPS to the Handspring Treo 90/180/270/300/600.
    Currently not working with the Delorme Xmap software on the 300 or 600 models. Delorme is working on a solution.
    Will work with any other mapping/GPS software.
    Added Value: Includes a cigarette lighter adapter cable that will power the GPS device!


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