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    Y'all seem so happy with your T600. I purchased it just in time for the November 24 porting from AT&T to Sprint. I've been miserable since. These days I find myself having to reset the T600 at least once a day. If not, it gets so slow that when I press to answer a call, by the time it processes it the caller hangs up. I have lousy reception and constantly loses calls (SF Bay area). What I don't get is, the phone rings, I answer it, and it drops the call. If it rang, it must have had reception, so why does it drop the call? My wife kept the AT&T (TDMA Nokia) and she gets 3-4 reception bars when I lose calls or get roaming only.

    Anyway, is my T600 defective or what? Yes, I did download the patch from Sprint - it didn't help.

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    The super slow performance doesn't sound common; neither does your high frequency of dropped calls (tho some Sprint customers may disagree) - i'd suggest taking it into a store and showing them the behavior, and having them test the radio, etc. Try and get a replacement and join the happy club
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    All resets and slowness depend on what apps you have installed on the Treo. If you have alot or hacks/extensions or older apps that may not be compatible with the Treo, then you'll have problems...

    As far as reception, I have the Sprint Treo600 in FL and get great coverage with hardly any dropped calls and decent sound quality. Perhaps, its the Sprit coverage in you area that is the problem?
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    I live in the Bay Area also (Milpitas to be exact) and I get great reception. Can't remember the last time I had a dropped call. I went to Frisco just 2 nights ago (watching the Lion King broadway show), and my reception was still good. Was talking on the phone and surfin the web without any problems.
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    This is not exactly the same but may be related.

    My wife, who does not even use a Treo 600, ported her phone number from AT&T to Verizon. Her phone is a Nokia Verizon branded phone.

    After a couple of weeks, her number was successfully transferred but problems start occuring, she would experience drop calls or no signal. Then about 4 weeks ago, she was transfer back to AT&T without any reason at all. She can call out but not receive calls. Calls to Verizon did not resolve the problem until a week later.

    Now the phone service is ok. This problem could be service provider related. Then again, depending on how you loaded your phone with software, it could also be the software you have have some incompatibilities with the Palm OS5.
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    I think that it is a service provider issue as well.
    I have the T600 and don't have those issues.
    As Gfunk mentioned, I only get resets when I install third party softwares that are not compatible with the Treo.
    I also had network lossage at night and I upgraded my firmware from 2.09 to 2.12 and it was fixed.
    You should try upgrading your firmware or just simply asking for a replacement.
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    I live in Fairfield, work in Concord, and constantly visit my kids in Oakland hills & Alameda. Seldom if ever do I have a Sprint drop-out.
    - in fact, the reason I moved from Cingular to Sprint was the better coverage.

    As to resets, I've had my Treo 600 almost since the beginning and have had VERY FEW resets after the first month.

    As also mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, at the beginning when I simply ported all my Visorphone & Treo 180 apps, I had a terrible problem. But as I discovered which programs were locking me up, and deleted (or updated) them, the problem gradually went away.

    One program which I dearly loved, Big Clock, for instance, locked me up only when the timer went to zero!!

    So my recomendation is clean up your apps & you'll eliminate the resets!
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    JBPatents, just a quicky m8.

    Can you establish if others on Sprint in same area suffer the same fate as yourself?
    Does this occur on incoming calls only or outgoing also?

    Chances are that if you suffer over the entire Bay area then likely you do have a radio problem, possibly power related. A handset which has lost the ability to control power will transmit at minimum power so that the cell you are served doesn't get swamped by the "noise" that a handset at full power can create.

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