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    Hi there,

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the differences in the software on the Treo 600 and other Palm 5.0 machines. I also use a Palm T3, and even though I really miss the higher resolution on my Treo (which I have had for a week), I absolutely love having just one device that does it all (almost). Now for my question. Even though the software version on the Treo and the T3 is both 5.something, the applications and all the software in the Tungsten models is very different from the Treo, which appears to have the same look and feel as the old M515 that I had a few years ago. Does this mean that even though the OS on the Treo is version 5, everything else comes from version 4 of the Palm OS? All dialogs, e.g. time and date dialogs, look exactly the same as on the older types of Palms. Why is this? And are we missing some capabilities on the Treo?
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    Not reallly. What it means is that on the T3 Palm has added a bunch of new extensions to the software that isn't part of the base OS5. All the vendors customize the OS to some extent, so there's no truly "standard" version. But the T3 version of the basic apps are significantly different than the standard OS5 apps.
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    Ok I understand this, so I am going to relax and enjoy my Treo, which btw is great.
    Thanks for the explanation.

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