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    So, my new Treo 600 arrived tuesday morning bright and early. Normally, I am the most impatient person when it comes to new tech- I've torn through boxes before because opening them properly would take too much time.

    I haven't opened the box up at all. Whenever I look at it I think "I'm too busy, I'll wait until the weekend". This is insanity-- this is the treo 600 we are talking about here, not some usb hub or bluetooth keyboard. I should be charging it, using it, and laying it to rest at night on a velvet pillow next to my bed at night, but no... it stays within its cardboard prison alone in my dining room while my 270 sits in the place of honor.

    Do they make pills to fix this?
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    It doesn't....hurt.......

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    Perhaps since you got it for free, the urgency of getting return on investment is not did get it free, right? Please don't tell me you paid $400-600 for a paperweight.

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    I did not get it free, sadly.
    I did get it at the $399 upgrade though...
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    I think that shows some real respect for device to wait until you have time to set it up properly.
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    I'm not sure what it is exactly.
    It might be that a faulty-treo schrondinger's cat thing: If I don't open he box, it both does and does not need to be sent back to PalmOne for replacement

    It might be that, in theory, I can't afford the 600 until I sell my 270 (hint: read my marketplace post)

    It might be that I was so distressed by the quiz given durng my apple interview that I've decided to give up being a tech girl and raise penguins instead.

    It could be that .. (insert conspiracy theory here)
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    You have taken the right approach - patience.

    The upgrade path may be easy but it can also be full of challenges and may require time to resolve.

    Despite the large number of posting here that had experience negative upgrade process, there are more users that did not ran into issues.

    For me, I have some recommendations to help avoid the issues:
    1. Review all your existing software on your current Treo. Find out if they a version that supports the current Palm OS 5. If yes, get that version.
    2. If you HackMaster or X-Master, remove those as OS5 does not support those type of apps anymore.
    3. If you use third party backup, (like BackupBuddy) other than the HotSync software that came with your Treo. Perform your last backup for that software and copy the backup folder to another folder.
    4. Once you have copied the current backup folder, delete all the items inside it and reinstall the standard hotsync. Uninstall the 3rd party backup.
    5. Perform another hotsync using the standard hotsync and review the backup directory. It should have less items in it than your 3rd party backup. Review also the hotsync log to make sure the backup was successful.

    Then you can begin your upgrade.

    The upgrade will try to eliminate as many known non-OS5 supported software and database plus support files. It is not very comprehensive. It may leave some database where it removed the original application. You will need FileZ or FileCaddy to cleanup later.

    The Treo600 is a big difference to the 180/270/300. You will miss some functions you've gotten used to but there are alternative functions.

    Good Luck and enjoy.
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    Have I gone mad?!?!

    - yes, you have
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    Update: The box is open and the Treo 600 is charging!!
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    I thought you've done this over the weekend? When I received my box, I could not resist playing with the phone. I was like a kid with a new toy, checking things out, browser, email, etc.
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    what are you going to do with the 270??
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill lemass
    what are you going to do with the 270??
    Sell it, as stated elsewhere....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meredyth
    Update: The box is open and the Treo 600 is charging!!
    Any updates? We probably have better luck getting updates from you than others on this board.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bill lemass
    what are you going to do with the 270??
    I am currently looking for a good home for it. If you know of a loving owner who might fit the bill, please let me know. It is unlocked and nearly-new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Any updates? We probably have better luck getting updates from you than others on this board.
    I have finally gotten over the feeling that I was cheating on my 270 and now I am the proud parent/owner/user of a 600

    I ported over my addresses and date book and installed Snappermail and Fish Tycoon last night.
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    I call that the longest gestation period for a Treo 600. Congratulations!

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