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    I have a new Treo 600... love it! Have been carrying around 4 devices that the Treo replaced! Happy Days... OK... my question. My phone's unlocked and currently finishing up a contract with AT&T. Planning on moving to T-Mobile for their great data plan prices.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to be sensitive to my use while finishing up the AT&T plan so my final bill doesn't put me in the poor house. My questions have to do with network access, vs. data exchange, vs. minutes while finishing up with AT&T and maybe if I'm really lucky, you'll answer these for T-Mobile's plan as well.

    1. Are there any charges for just signing on or being on the GPRS network? I ask because the Treo GSM doesn't automatically log off so if there's a charge for being on... I'm nervous about forgetting.

    2. Is it considered using Minutes when connected to the GPRS network? If not, are you using minutes when sending/receiving data?

    3. Once on the GPRS network, does it ever disconnect automatically like a time out or do you have to use the wireless off button?

    I guess I'm more concerned about #1 because I would love for my phone to automatically tell me when I have new email, but concerned about being on the network all the time to do that. I know that being on all the time takes its toll on the battery... but for now, I'm more interested in charges.

    Thank you so much in advance... This forum has been extremely useful and I really appreciate all the great information and advice that has saved me lots of time... I tried to search to find the info above... but came up with nada.

    Thanks again,

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    i'm on T-mo, but the answeres should apply to all gsm carriers.

    1. no you are only charged for data transfers. if you are connected and no data is being transfered, you should NOT (I forgot the not) be charged.

    2. no voice minutes are used when you use gprs.

    3. depending on the carrier, you may have a timeout. sometimes you look like you are still connected but arent.
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    1. no you are only charged for data transfers. if you are connected and no data is being transfered, you should NOT be charged.
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    Also, if being connected still makes you paranoid, you can get the app TreoHelper, it will drop the net for you based on a timer.

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    I have T-Mo and pay $20 a month for unlimited internet - so no extra charge for any data transfersat all.
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