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    At the bottom of the screen it says "All times are GMT -7. The time now is 08:08 PM." But my clocks at my house all clearly say it's after 9pm! My time zone is set correctly (Pacfic Daylight). So is the clock here on the forum off by an hour?
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    Same on mine, too. (I am also PDT)

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    Hmm... yes that is quite strange. I double checked my profile and sure enough I've got it set to GMT-5 but the site is showing GMT-4
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    I'm off by two hours (Central Time Zone)
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    I'm off by one hour.
    I was off by two hours when I had the setting for "Automatically Detect DST"
    I changed it to DST Correction always on, and now I'm off by one hour.
    I wonder if the DST setting on the server is incorrect.
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    Heh...I never consciously scrolled down the list of forums far enough to notice that there was a forum dedicated to That would have been a much more appropriate place for my post. Thanks MovieGene for the other links.

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