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    I hope to buy a T600 in the next couple of days, most likely for Sprint, and have a bunch of questions.

    Verizon's phone network is much better in my area (Northern VA) so I thought I would look into their possible data plans. Does anyone know if the 5 or 8MB or whatever they offer on their data plans would be enough to do anything or should I stick with the unlimited Sprint plan? Cost is an issue. Is GSM better than CDMA for any reason? Whats the point of a SIM card if you can sync the thing with your computer? Any other carriers that are good?

    Random Questions.
    Can you edit an Excel file or just view it?

    Is a 1GB card overkill?

    Is it difficult to change the camera to add the zoom and to take video clips?

    Should I wait to see if there is a bluetooth version coming soon?

    Anyone have one I can have for free?
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    1. Yes you can modifiy them with documents2go full or the other app (forgot what its called)

    2. overkill is this unit..this thing is ticked

    3. there is an app to do it...but im too scared to use it

    4. no BT version...the SDIO drivers for the BT card should be available i cant wait!!

    5. if by free you mean youll give me 700 CAD then sure LOL (kidding)
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    Class 10 GPRS is totally inferior in terms of data speed when compared to 1x RTT...thus if speed is your must get the CDMA version

    the SIM card is for GSM phones...which allows you to change phones without having to reprogram it...providing the phone is a GSM phone from your provider or from another provider and the phone is unlocked
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    I think the only real advantage og gsm over cdma is the ability to travel to most other countries and use your phone (if not your number). cdma is pretty much limited to north america.

    with a sim all you have to do is move it from one phone to another and you can make and receive calls. you dont have to talk to the carrier in most cases.

    1. documents to go from will do this.
    2. not if yo can afford it and will be using it to store multimedia.
    3. there are a couple of program that will let you record video with the treo.
    4. if bluetooth is important to you, yes.
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    Thank you, anyone know anything about cingular's plans?
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    Cingular has a Media Works package out right now which is 1500 SMS, 500 MMS and unlimited internet usage for 19.99.
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    FWIW, I live and work in NoVa (live near Reston, work in Fairfax, some travel to Roslyn and DC) and have great coverage with Sprint. I've only found one spot since I started using the Treo with no coverage (the low area on Lawyers Rd between Hunter Mill Road and Vienna).

    The only real advantage I've found to Verizon's coverage in this area is underground on the subway, but my Treo will roam there if I need to make an emergency call.
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    Thanks, I live and work in Great Falls where Sprint is pretty aweful (and Verizon has a tower). It is hard to give up that unlimited data plan and the discount that I get with Sprint though, I think I will stay with Sprint. Thanks again.

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