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    well as you all now..EDGE (EGPRS) technology is being rolled out in North America...

    Has palmone thought wagered the thought of launching an EDGE handset...or will this not happen for a while

    thanks peeps
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    EGPRS - triples the GPRS data rate.
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    God I hope so
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    Odds are, you won't see EDGE in a treo until the next major release. It requires a totally new FCC approval, which is expensive and time consuming, so I don't see PalmOne doing that for an incremental release.

    If you want fast data, go with sprint. Sorry.

    All that being said. I can't see how PalmOne WOULDN'T release the next treo with EDGE. That would be like not including the screen.

    Okay, not _exactly_ like not including a screen....

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