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    Anyone know of any other good treo sites/discussion boards?
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    There are others, but nothing has the audience that TreoCentral has....

    TreoMB, Treo600 Owners Club, are a few.
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    Just a heads up - this is the first time since we started as in 1999 that we have had major downtime/loss of data. We are working hard to bring back the boards to their old shape, recover data from the dead hard-drives, and we are reevaluating our backup plans so this will not happen again. We will not let this happen agian!. We're very sorry for the inconvience that it has caused.
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    Nothing against these boards or anything(I guess I could have prefaced my original post with that)... I'm extremely happy that you are back up. While things here were down, I was jonesing for some much needed treo chatter, and looking around didn't yield many results. As far as I could tell, these boards are FAR more active than the others that I stumbled across. I wasn't sure if I was just missing something or if this is THE community for treo users on the net. This place is a great resource, all your hard work is very much appreciated. Good luck recovering data - I know what a mess that can be.

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    Miradu - your work is much appreciated.
    Any way to get the avatars, photos, carrier info, etc. back? Miine is still there, it's just not showing up in the left pane.
    Thanks -
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    For pure Treo discussion nothing compares to this site. It's in a class by itself.
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    Oh of course ACDriver. What would it be with out us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    Oh of course ACDriver. What would it be with out us.
    Ah, yes, what would TC do without the two of you?
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    I lurk at all the time, but I prefer to post here.

    Unfortunately, my account got wacked and had to re-register. Maybe that wasnt related to the crash?
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    This is still by far the greatest forum for the treo.
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    Awesome that the boards are back up and running!
    Talk about withdrawal symptoms
    Now we just need to give them time to finish the rest of the restore!
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    Quote Originally Posted by biscoradio
    Anyone know of any other good treo sites/discussion boards?

    Nothing even comes close to Treocentral... but if you're looking for alternatives, here's some other sites that I occasionally visit for Treo discussion:

    -probably the best multi-device, multi-platform forum around. Don't have the best Symbian fourms, but improving. The Treo fourms are okay, but not as much traffic as the samsung and kyocera models...

    Brighthand PalmOne fourms. I visit there time to time. Since Brighthand is linked directly by PalmOne, often new users will find this forum before Treocentral. I go over there to point them in the right direction!

    PalmOneCity. The forums are pretty slow, but it;s a good overall PalmOne site.

    TreoMB. The other major Treo-specific site on the net. Nice place with familiar faces. Never has had the traffic of Treocentral though...

    PalmVenue Fourms. Lots of very helpful folks over there. Quite a few smartphone users over there. The forums are pretty slow, but you;ll know someone will eventually respond...

    Treo Owners Club. I personally don't visit this site too much...

    PalmInfocenter. I hang around here palm news site around imo. The forums have regressed lately though but that should change with the new forum software upgrade...
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    Feel free to visit my site for discussions.

    It does not have the readership of the mothership, but hasn't gone down (knock on wood) sinces it's inception a few years back.

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    What I found most amazing is how much I missed reading the posts and all the interesting babble that goes on in our Treo world. Glad to see things are getting sorted out and back to our version of normalcy. (sic)
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    #15 is shaping up to be a pretty nice site. Many TC members have opted to make it their mobile forum of choice since TC's mobile forum has not been brought back up.

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