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    I expected $500+ device to provide this feature already! I grew so dependent on voice dial I will pay $10 if it works as well as my past Samsung phones and $20 if it works any better
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    I'd pay $20 for it if it was pretty accurate. I do pay the fiver a month to Sprint for the voice dialing because there are a lot of features which come with it. If you could essentially duplicate what they do for a flat rate, yeah, I'd buy it.

    The one thing which is REALLY nice, is that you don't have to "train" the Sprint system if you don't want to. It will recognize the names you type in the address book so that when I speak the name, it matches up, usually quite accurately. THAT is critical, because storing the voice dial "training" samples would eat up a ton of space for the 200+ contacts I carry.
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    If you can make this app, than they will come....

    Go for it and it am in for the $10-15...

    Good luck
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    I'd be interested in this, too.

    And with the Sprint Updater 1.20, it looks like microphone access has opened up for developers! Has anyone started work on this yet?
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    I'd pay up to $20 for something like this...
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    I'm in for $20 - $25 (one time).
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    I'm in for $20 - $25 (one time).
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanRife
    Would anybody be interested in being able to control their Treo 600 via speech recognition (aka voice dialing)? If so, would you be willing to pay for it and how much? Later.


    Download the latest version of MovieRec for
    the Treo 600 at
    Well Ryan, any thoughts ?
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    i think we scared him ?!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanRife
    Would anybody be interested in being able to control their Treo 600 via speech recognition (aka voice dialing)? If so, would you be willing to pay for it and how much? Later.

    I would definitely be interested in your speech recognition app to do voice dialing on my Treo 600! I am willing to pay anywhere between $10-$20 for it depending on what else I'm able to do beyond voice dialing. I hope you do this as I miss this functionality my older Samsung had. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
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    I am in also for the $10-$15 and would do that "up front" with a beta version and then free upgrades to a final or full release if that would help get you started.

    While we are kicking around the "new apps" question, what about a version of a small voice recorder that could be activated in the background while on the phone to record an important call?

    Is there such an animal or is it even possible to share the Treo hardware that way in two applications simultaneously? I know we can run Shoutcast in the background on PTunes while still in Blazer or other Web app.

    Good lucy Ryan and thanks for MovieRec!
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    I may be reading too much into Ryan's wording, but to me, voice recognition, and voice dialing are two different things, voice recognition being an extension of voice dialing.

    If voice recognition is possible (which would be awesome), I think it would be wise to create two different programs. One that just does dialing, for $10-15 as people have suggested, then depending on how configurable it is, $30-50 for recognition.

    Personally, it would be awesome to be able to push a button, say something and go to immediately. Or set a voice prompt that would set mapopolis on a certain route. This would be really cool to be able to do. Programming macros to associate to voice, now that would be awesome.
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    MEGA dittos!
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    Ryan put me in fro $10.00 I really miss that feature from my old sanyo 4900 which laso could work like a answering machine and record incoming and even allow me to screen the calls.
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    Hi Ryan, I would go for 20 myself..PS, Voicerecorder works great, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a sprint treo 600, just did thefirmware upgrade, no major problems other than I lost my contacts for some reason, trying to get them back, but I installed the new movierecord 1.12 and cant get sound and the picture quality seems lower than the prior versions, any suggestions?

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    If your using Outlook look for your contacts in the archive folder or the deleted items folder. That happened to me when I did one of the updates was GSM but I think that part is the same.
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    I'd jump aboard. $10-$12 seems fair.
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    Thanks, I will check there...
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    now that we have the new firmware, this idea is achievable
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    I would love it! $10-$12.00 sounds reasonable.
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