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    I currently have a Treo300 and thinking about ordering a T-Mobile Treo600 before the upgrade discount period ends on Tuesday. I use the Treo300 while I'm in the US and a T-Mobile phone when I travel overseas as they seem to have very good coverage and roaming rates.

    Of course, while in the US I use Sprint's Business Connection Personal Edition to link to my Outlook e-mail and Exchange Server for just $5/month. Will the T-Mo Treo600 come with software to allow me to access my Outlook e-mails? Do they have an option to do this like Sprint does? If not, any recomendations on how to economically do so for a single user?

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    Depends on what version of Outlook is used.
    You can use Outlook Web Access (OWA) with Blazer if you are using Exchange 5.5. If it's Eschange2000, WebPro 3.0 will do the job (the patched version) with OWA.

    There are other possibilities such as Outlook Mobile Access (OMA), if your Exchange folks turn it on.
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    I also have T-Mo service and access a corporate Exchange server for e-mail. T-Mobile has available software for this purpose, which I have not used, but which I understand does not offer much in the way of attachment support. The main alternatives, one or more of which many Treo users use are InfoWave SymmetryPro (my choice), Inbox-to-Go from the same people who bring you Documents-to-Go, Visto Message XPress, and Basejet. All of these work through small "redirector" apps that run on your corporate desktop machine, which must be left logged in to your LAN. All have strengths and weaknesses, but you will likely find one or more that meets your needs. In addition to these alternatives, if you are lucky enough for your MIS department to be running the Good server software on your Exchange server, your Treo 600 will run Good client software. There have also been reports that RIM is writing a Balckberry client for the Palm OS, which could be available later in the year.

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