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    I got my T-Mobile upgrade yesterday. I got unbranded though I said T-Mobile, and it is listed as PalmOne, not Handspring (for those of you keeping track). Anyway, I've got two questions:

    1. On my 270, in Blazer, there was an option to disconnect when leaving Blazer. I don't see that with the new Blazer. Is there an easy way? Is it a problem (mainly with battery life, since I'm on unlimited T-Mo) to keep it on?

    2. Is anyone else having a problem setting their timezone? When I try to change it, I get a big empty box where I can see some time zones when I click on them, but I can't change my timezone. This also leads to automatic resets when I open City Time. Since I use WorldMate, I don't THINK this is much of a problem, but I'm not sure. Soft resets don't fix it; I haven't tried a hard one yet.

    (In a quick search through the archives, the last I saw these issues talked about was in October, and there weren't many answers there.)

    Thanks in advance for any help....pbryon
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    #1. You don't have the disconnect function now within Blazer 3.0 that comes standard with Treo 600. Your internet connection disconnects after a predetermined time after your phone goes into its power save mode.

    #2. I will try to answer this since I don't use WorldMate. You need to make sure you have set your phone time via Preference > Date & Time.

    Then go to your City Time application and select your Home City.

    Hope this helps.
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