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    I noticed that PalmOne has updated the shipping dates for the Treo 600 here I ordered an ATT Treo 600 back in mid-January and I'm still waiting for mine and they claim that they would be shipping mine this week but all they shipped were the free car charger and stylus 3-pack that gave out to people who've been waiting. Has anybody gotten their Treo 600 this week? And when did you order it?
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    Oh and just so I get a little more sympathy from people who currently have a Treo 600....I'm currently using a side-talking ( ) N-Gage as a cell phone.
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    Ordered mine for T-Mobile and received it today...
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    I ordered mine for Cingular on 1/27 and was as excited as I could be when the order read, credit card approved, then awaiting shipment, then to my surprise, as you saw, they shipped some accessories, and the Treo 600 now says, back ordered!
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    I ordered my T- Mobile upgrader Treo 600 for $399 on 2/10 and it should be arriving this Friday 2/27!

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    I ordered mine on 2/10 and it is currently on the truck for delivery!

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