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    Is it me or is the shortcut feature of the Palm preferences non workable with the treo 600? I now about the preset shortcuts with the menu buttton. Can I customize/
    ? Could someone enlighten my dumb ***?
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    If you are referring to the curlicue symbol followed by letters that would replace the letters with full text (like a time stamp, or address), that curlicue symbol can be accessed clumsily by pushing the s key, then the ALT key, then scrolling down to the symbol. It would be great if there was a simple way to bring up that character, like KeyCaps holding down the s to switch to the symbol.
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    I use a program called Textras to automatically expand shortcuts. For example if I type Robert Blackburn it replaces it with Robert Brown. Its shareware so you can try before you buy.
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    Textras works too well! Where you see Robert Blackburn above I had typed "rb" without the quotes and it replaced it with Robert Blackburn automatically as I have it set up to do. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Thanks BS MAN I could not find that symbol anywhere
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    This shortcut (:shortcut: ) thing is really unacceptable. I've been complaining about it for sometime, but with no great solution. If I knew, even remotely how to program, I would create an easier way of handling this.

    Textras is an awesome program, except for a few flaws:
    1) it does not re-activate after a soft reset, requiring a re-visit to the app to get it working again (the developers are working on it) and
    2) it does not have a Date-stamp or Time-stamp feature (for which I am dependent on).

    Does anybody know of another way to do a Date-stamp?

    Otherwise, Textras works MUCH faster than :shortcut:, even after the actual :shortcut: is selected. The text appears instantaneously instead of slowly scrolling out. Textras with a date-stamp feature would end my struggle.

    My wish would be a hack that actually allows us to change the structure of the keyboard, or at least the order that the special characters appear after selecting the alt key. I think it is hyserical that they not only hid the :shortcut:, but they put it dead last on the s's alt list!!

    As I have stated before, I would much rather have the
    :shortcut: as an option to a key, far more so than the "+" or the "!" or the ":" or a few others. Why can we not change that??

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