Nokia aims at traveling businesspeople with high-tech phone

CANNES, France Nokia and IBM today unveiled the first product in their year-old alliance, a new Communicator phone aimed at professionals on the go.
Based on the almost decade-old Communicator, nicknamed "the Brick" because of its bulk, the new phone comes with software from Nokia, IBM and others to give traveling employees access to corporate e-mail and messaging, and also information about their companies' products and customers.

Model 9500 will be able to connect to all of the world's three GSM networks, including versions with the fast EDGE data channels.

The new phone, which will sell for about $1,000, has a keyboard and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks. It will be promoted as an alternative for companies who do not want to use only Microsoft software.

The new Communicator runs on an operating system from Nokia-controlled Symbian, a rival to Microsoft's Windows Mobile, as well as Nokia's Series 80 software.