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    I am a newbie to webhosting & all that jazz but I would like to know a couple things.

    1) What is php & scripting?

    2) Where is a good, free site where I can host files (30mb and up) & upload via ftp and browser (Treo friendly)?

    3) I just want a site that I can visit that has no bells or whistles. Just a white background & a list of all my files that I can click on to download.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Originally posted by treoneo

    1) What is php & scripting?
    PHP is a server side scripting language, that can be embedded in HTML. It's useful for creating dynamic webpages. It's used a lot for creating dynamic webpages by accessing information in a database, such as MySQL. For it to work, you need to be using a web server that supports it, such as Apache with mod_php module. You can find a ton of information, including very good documentation at the official website.

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