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    Installed this pup the other day...but it doesn't work yet. It goes as far as kicking me off of my ICQ connection on my PC, but doesn't successfully log on. Anyone have luck with it?
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    Can't remember which version but I had that thing on my 300 and it crashed all the time. It suked.
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    Yeah, there's a new beta out now...that's what i'm running.
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    How do you make it connect? I'm trying it out and it starts services, makes a connection, then error: "connection failed"... I've tried two different accounts with it, same result.
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    I have the same problem. I guesss T-mobile doesn't open the ports required by
    ICQ and this version, unlike desktop ICQ doesn't let you set the ports
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    ICQ for palm is a bit spotty. There is another site (which I translated from French that you may try to install ICQ from. It has other messengers there also. With the ICQ software, you might want to install ICQ repair, which I also included. Good Luck

    Messengers from site in France.
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