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    3G is available already here in Hong Kong. I have tried out some demo phones at the shop and it's nice to download MVs, news and sports highlights to watch it on your phone. Besides that, you can make video calls. I guess it's more fun to use Blazer to surf the web with your 3G Treo. I really hope that the new Treo will be 3G compatible.
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    What type of 3G network do you have in HK? I would assume the next Treo would have at least Edge and perhaps UMTs...but most US carrriers probably won't have true UMTs networks for a couple more years imo. Also Verizon has only recently begun rolling out it's 1xEvDo network and Sprint probably won't roll out its 1xEvDv for a coupel years... Thus in short, I wouldn't bet on CDMA2000 but Edge most likely with UMTS as a very long shot...
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