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    Makes for a good read and comparison...
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    Well it was a waste going through 8 rounds when the "Easy to navigate" part was round number one. What is the point of having a pDA when you have to make numerous taps to get to what you want? Even though Palm won, I think it should have been based on a point system where really important things (such as useability) is scored high while frivolous things such as Multi-media would have a lower point.

    I find it really ironic that Palm OS with Dataviz works much better than Pocket Office with MS Office for desktop.

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    Makes for a good read and comparison...
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    i have never used the windows o/s on a pda or phone, but i find it most interesting that palm won on desktop compatibility and tied on MS Office integration. wouldn't those be 2 of the biggest selling points of the microsoft product, at least the way MS would present it? i.e. use the same system on your phone as you do on your desk? and they can't even beat palm there??
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    I do use an ipaq 5500 (companies) and also own a Dell Axim.

    I guess I'm an old dog and never felt compelled to becoming an expert at it. for example I rather use the virtual KB than use the other methods of imputting.

    It has always been the case that Palm had better intergration with the word and excel, but that is what happens when you have competition in this space. What for palm there are 3-4 options for word and 2-3 for excel?

    The problem is that, for the most part, these programs have to be purchased seperately and the intergration comes in the box for the Pocket PC. Your local consumer electronic store will probaly only know that OOB the pocket PC can do it and the Palm doesn't.

    What gets me is that corporate buyers don't seem to care about it either, Story after Story on Pocket PC in the enterprise state that the intergration with office was one of the reasons to go with pocket pc. I guess they just don't want to support a third party app even if it is better, But then again you can say that about most MS products (always something better).
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    Items that they've missed:

    Round 3 (PIM): One of the first things that most Palm users point to is Windows Mobile has a tendancy to not sound alerts for appointments at the right time, or not at all-- and that Microsoft has not fixed this in so many iterations of their OS. (Outlook for the PC version of Windows does this too, so you can tell where they took the code from!)

    Round 4 (Sync): PalmSource seems to be dropping support for Macintosh, which leaves only Windows syncronization, which sounds like they favor the Windows Mobile sync.

    And of course the biggest and most glaring omission, which really doesn't seem to fit in any of their "rounds", but could have been mentioned right off the bat in round 1: Windows Mobile crashes/needs to be reset a whole hell of a lot more than Palm.


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