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    Interesting comment:

    == "...I thought the new Sony Clies were small until I noticed
    == a booth touting what has to be the teensy-weensiest
    == Palm-based cell phone I've ever seen, Group Sense PDA's
    == XPlore G18, formerly code-named Zircon..."
    == "...Of course, there are compromises. The 176-by-240-pixel
    == screen is much smaller than a conventional Palm screen, and I
    == can't imagine what some apps would look like on it..."

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    As I recall it runs PalmOS 4.1, and small doesn't even begin to describe the screen.
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    That Clie is very nice. Something like that with a Bluetooth phone would be sweet (assuming the Clie supported Bluetooth -- I don't think these newest ones do, but I could be wrong).

    The Zircon/XPlore G18 thinger is a cute little bugger, too:
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    That phone is worse than a tungsten W. OS4 , no expansion slot, 16MB RAM , 33Mhz dragonball !

    Have a look at how others curse about the phone !

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