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    Hello everyone...
    This site has inspired me to buy Treo600. I bought one in Bestbuy with 10%off for $540 (150MIR) last Saturday. Everything is going well, but today morning a strange thing happened...I was switching from emai to phone app, The screen went freeze and nothing works, absolutely nothing works. I was in the train and had nothing sharp object to RESET it. After I came to my work I did able to reset and its working now.
    Do anybody think I should change the instrument...or just see few more days. I have 14day return thing on it and no insurance.
    I thought you guys might give me some advise.
    Thanks in advance for your advise.

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    Run that sucker the full 14 days.

    Also there is a reset pin in the tip of the stylus, so you can reset anywhere. Just unscrew the point of the stylus and voila! there it is.

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