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    I just got yet another 600 from BB and noticed something. the camera works ALOT better. don't know if my last one had camera probs I did not know about but this one filter lt. better, focuses better, etc... I seem to remember the camera being decent on my first one and I don't realy use it that much so maybe my last one or two were just bad. anyone else get a treo replaced and notice a diff.???
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    What the firmware/software/hardware version on it?
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    Very very interesting, maybe a new supplier of camera chips. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    Seems there is less of the Blue Dot Effect and clearer photos.

    Have Hardware C with a build date of 01-13-2004 (listed as warranty date after you dial ##786, Dial).

    This was a replacement for my original T600 -- I asked for and received a new one (no accessories -- came like my last refurb) and Refurb Status says no (seel ##786 above).
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    i'm on my third treo, and this one has the best camara so far.
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    I purchased mine directly from handspring with no contract and my camera blows ... how do you get a replacent or it fixed, do you have to send your treo away?
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    foe -

    find qset and install it, helps alot
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    got a link, my camera has a ton of blue dots.
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    nm found it

    for anyone else that needs it
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    tested out the program for a bit, its good but sadly doesnt get rid of blue dots.
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    yea, I have the same problem as you foe, though mine was from a Sprint store. When I first turn the phone's camera on, it will be very dark. Slowly it will lighten up some till it's just at the right level for the pic. Then right after it hits this point, it starts to get kinda fuzzy and the blue dots start popping up everywhere! Gaah, it's so annoying. My fiance's camera in her VM4500 is sooooo much better, I usually just let her take the pics (unless I have my digicam on me). It doesn't bother me that much since I honestly don't use the camera very often, but when I do want to use it, it's pretty much useless.

    BTW, mine is HArdware Rev B according to the info after dialing ##786. Also warranty date of 9-17-2003. You know, now that I look through this info, I'm noticing an entry called Refurb status, which has a "yes" next to it, and a refub provider of "HND." Does this mean that my unit is a refurb done by HandSpring? Is it normal for Sprint to sell refurbed units as new in their stores? MAybe that explains why my headset was missing from my box when I got it home.
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    Same thing with me. Just had my 2nd Treo replaced and was quite shocked at how much better the camera is. I can not make one blue dot appear and it seems to adust the lighting in the picture better (that could just be me). My previous treo had lots of blue dots through out the picture. My previous phone was revision C, non-refurb, warranty date unknown, this one is revision B with a warranty date of 10-05 and refurb status yes. The bad news is I traded one problem for another. This one has the infamous rattling part inside it. I haven't sent the old one back yet so I will take a picture with both and post the results.
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    Same for me.

    I had a Hardware Rev A Orange France Treo 600 for 3 months, and I think I only got one correct picture, shot outside, and on a very sunny day. All others pics where fuzzy and full of blue dots.

    I had a problem with charging the battery (led blinking red/green instead of steady red) and asked Orange France for a new Treo.

    3 days ago came a new treo Hardware Rev B, Firmware 01.15, Software Treo600-1.0-OFR.

    I immediately noticed that image quality was really improved. No more blue dots except in very dark areas, and it seems to ajust a lot better to light conditions. Furthermore I downloaded qset, and quality of the compressed jpg file also improved a little.

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