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    I recommend the following site:

    Check out "Buyer's Guide" and Steve's "Best Picks" List

    If you go to his home page @, use "Menu W" on Treo to see all the links to items like "Breaking New".

    GL, FastFrank
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    on line it's $400 no tax.
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    we have & love our pentax optio 4si it is the most compact full featured 4mp cam u can buy.. fits in an altoid tin....$350
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    so, who has the penax and who has the casio elph?

    how are they in the real world?

    did anyone provide the link for the sd adaptr?
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    Ditto on the above recommendation of Steve's digicam reviews. When you find the model you want ... check out They sell new cameras and lenses, but I shop there for the used equipment and save some cash...
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    A Primary Digital Camera Intel Site:

    Excellent Review and News Sites:

    If I understand your goal, you won't be dissapointed with the following cameras:

    Casio EX-Z40:

    Pentax Optio S4i:

    Sony Cyber-shot DCS-T1: (not SD)

    I like my Pentax S4 (now the S4i) and the Pentax 43WR for daily carry.

    Both use SD Memory Cards.
    The S4i will fit on belt or in Pocket.
    43WR fits nicely in a Sport Jacket Pocket, etc.
    I have a Pentax 33WR. currently used by a Marine, in IRAQ ~ 118˚ F + daily w/o problems.

    The Pentax S4 has replaced my Minox.
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