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    naive question, but is there an addition activation fee for your unbranded treo when you sign up with one of the wireless carriers?
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    Originally posted by Gasmeister
    anyone had probs returning treo to TMble or HS within their 14 or 30 day limits?
    I've had a problem returning my AT&T unit. It arrived at handspring and they still hadn't given me my credit, now this was a week (at least) after it got there. Finally two weeks later I got it.

    Anyways, when you ship it back make sure you get a tracking number and dont lose it, and express shipping. BTW-Handspring doesn't pay for return shipping.
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    WHOOOHOOO! status : awaiting shipment!
    those of you who already recieved a treo600 from other carriers, how much longer from this point??? I guess I'm a little over excited. btw, anyone see those kind words of praise for the treo600 on the latest issues of maxim and fhm? seeing that made my mouth water just a little bit more.
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    I remember when i was waitinig for mine, checked the handspring order status site 3 times a day atleast
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    Mine too! The accompanying e-mail with instructions for initiating e-mail & web service seems to steer one to MessageXPress as e-mail software. I plan to use Snappermail right from the start, so should I install it before connecting or set up e-mail with HS's recommended s/w then load Snapper afterwards??

    So many questions
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    Way to go PalmOne.... mine has been shipped too! It surely will be worth the wait.
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    Mine has shipped too, ordered on the 10th.

    I actually sat up late last night and at 2 am local time it hadnt shipped (5pm LA time), what great news to start a new day.

    Big up to Handspring/PalmOne for shipping them out earlier.
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