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    Is it possible if so what software do i need.
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    btw Thanks.
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    not right now.

    there is a thread here that discusses the camara (and the camara's manufacturer), someone mentioned that it was capable of doing it but there is no software that allows it yet.
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    I noticed that it says vga on the camera on the phone
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    VGA refers to the resolution of the camera, 640x480.
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    couldn't software be written that would just cause the camera to take individual pics in rapid form and then streem them together? I know it would be choppy but would it work?
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    Whats funny is that most of these "cameras" are actually video cameras that more or less take frame captures as their pictures. Video capture couldn't be the problem, It must be compression that is the problem.
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    On a similar subject (kinda). I was trying to set up animated screen-savers on my T600 but to no avail; only JPEG's still-shots work.
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    compressions and cpu power is the problem, plus I dont know if the treo woudl be able to write to the sd fast enough to capture video

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