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    "WHAT A COUNTRY!... " THEN LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!
    I know I am gonna get told to be nice but come on... how simple are some of you people??
    some of you guys only care about WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE. nobody MADE you but a treo for $600.00, you could have choosen not to.
    "I find it hard to believe no one has blown the whistle on this one... in my opinion this is blatant corruption... maybe im wrong." god what is wrong with some of you? "blatant corruption" jeez

    why do kids wear "enyce"? why did kids want those 2 way pagers? why did kids wear "addidas"? why do I bother????????
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    relax, bro, I said earlier that I got the point. I agree now that it can be called advertising and if that's how palmone chooses to do so then that's fine.
    about the " what a country " remark, this was said out of frustration, that's all. so just relax already.
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