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    So the Treo world is in mourning...

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    Cool, now the guys from Metalica can down load MP3's for free on the go with their treos...
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    how do i get on this list for free stuff?

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    I wonder if Vaja sends these same folks free cases

    OT Warning...skip the rest:

    This reminds me of seeing Laurie Anderson on her "Big Science" tour in the early 80s. It was in a small auditorium at Oberlin College in Ohio. Laurie Anderson was alone onstage with her violin under a single spot light. The violin had the bridge replaced with a tape deck head and the bow had a piece of audio tape stretched across it. She could "play" back a selection of symphonic music that was recorded on the tape in either direction and at any speed. Imagine an entire symphony orchestra booming through the PA controlled by the violin bow. At the time (the long ago days of vinyl records), it was pretty cool.

    Check this out from NASA:

    She has my nomination for coolest Geek of all time
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