Last March I travelled to the Philippines with my boyfriend to attend my cousin's wedding. Once I got there, I went to an authorized GLOBE retailer to buy a prepaid sim card to use for the duration of our trip.

I bought the prepaid sim card, walked back to the van, then popped in it. Unfortunately, I got a sim that was acting funny so i decided to go back in and have it exchanged.

I go back and tell the sales representative that i want to exchange the sim i had bought and she asks to see my phone. I pull out my lovely treo and she takes it with the oddest expression on her face. She turns it over and looks at me and asks, "Is this a phone?". I tell her it's a phone/PDA and she is awestruck at form and integration.

The looks on peoples' faces when they see a treo 600 for the first time is priceless.

On another occasion (during the same trip), my cousin saw my treo 600 and asked if i wanted to trade with him. He has a SE P900. Bleh.