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    well i finally saw someone with a treo a month or so ago..i couldn't bring myself to talk to him about it though. it would confirm my geek status and i'm in denial. so my answer to my question is no, i wouldn't talk to a stranger because they have the 600.
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    I just saw an electrician in WaWa on Friday. He had what was plainly a GSM version on his belt, as he stood on a ladder changing a light fixture in the Ceiling.
    I congratulated him on it, and ask who he got it thru. AT&T he said. Surprising, but now Cingular, I responded. He agreed, and then went on about how he may have moved too soon, given "stories about a newer model coming".

    We both concurred that he at least has the benefit of it now, rather than waiting for the rumored version. That was it. I got my soda, and he went on working.

    So...the Treo really does inspire random communication.

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    Hell I would talk to a stranger just to show them my treo!
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    Only if my mommy was there .
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    I was at the boston beer festival when i ran into a guy that had the Sprint Treo 600. I was talking to him and told him about this site. I would have showed him mine and beamed him MovieRec or other cool programs but bc of the large party the Treo stayed at home and i took the SE 68 out with me (drunkly drop a $600 or drop a free phone, yeah tough call). But now i remember that I was sh1t faced and i probly scared him... man that was a good time. hehe
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    the greatest was when i finally went to the AT&T wireless store and none of the guys there had of course even seen one, this being in like april!!! i constantly played with the sprint one at my work Bestbuy. ive talked to one guy who had a t600 and our faces just both lit up as i had noticed his treo on his hip where i bring mine out of my pocket enclosed in the hard case which he had not seen and didnt recongize at first, saw another guy with a t600 on his hip but didnt get the chance to go and talk with him, saw one with a t180 bout a year ago and thought was cool, talked with another customer who had pulled out his t180 and asked him bout the typing and what he used on his t180 as the time i had a tungsten w, and then i got down and dirty to convince a guy with a blackberry to ditch for a t600 as the wife had a palm already i just love the ladys with palms or even the ppcs especially when they are my age, im 18 with a Treo 600!!! yea my friends consider me to have the ultra gadgets, as i carry my Treo 600 and my Tungsten C on me at times both in hard cases

    of course all my friends and some strangers ask what i am using and if i can talk on it or not, im usually on verichat (aim) or checking sms or my email sometimes they give me weird looks when i hold it to me ear or when they need to make a phone call they never know what to do by putting it at their ear and are clueless on attempting to hanging it up, lol
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    I have had my Treo 600 since October (love it!) and I haven't seen very many people with them. But the other day I sat down on the subway next to two guys with brand-new Sprint Treo 600s. Even though we were only on the train for a few stops we were able to beam each other some terrific freeware.
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    All the fricken time. :-)

    Only met 2 peeps at work with 'em; one had the dreaded non-functioning earpiece. However, he never noticed since he ALWAYS used the headphones.
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    I would not likely approach someone if they had a Treo. Not if they're not looking my way.

    However, I speak to people about my Treo all the time. Especially when waiting in line, I have a tendancy (don't we all) to whip out my Treo and play Text Twist to while away time. People will always look over my shoulder and we'll start talking.

    snap! <^<< snap!
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    More and more often...
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    Today I was in a computer store and struck up a conversation with a guy who was there getting an accessory for his Toshiba Satellete laptop (I own one too). Well after a few minutes I pulled out my Treo for some reason and he chuckled and pulled out his TREO! I could not freakin believe it, another Cool Treo 600 owner and a Happy one at that!

    We talked for almost a half an hour, beamed each other programs and exchanged contact infor. After hearing my SoundRec program he changed his mind and decided to try the Update again. If you're on here, holla Chuck!
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    i love showing mine off at the airports where all the suits have their older treo's or blackberry phones. i've gotten a few comments from people about it.
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    I had a customer notice my T600 the other day and commented about it. He has an ATT model and has had it for a little while but is still getting used to its features. I showed him my MovieRec, told him about SoundRec and a few other items and pointed him towards TreoCentral as a good source of info. I don't know if he's shown up, but he appeared interested at the time.
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    This type of topic has come up multiple times in the past about both the 1st gen and now the 600's (In fact, I think I started the first thread about "How many Treo's have you sold by demoing them to strangers in public?" with regards to the 600.)

    I've been approached many, many times by strangers interested in my old 300 or my 600. I'm never bothered by it and am always happy to hopefully convert another person to the Treo fold. I've lost count of how many people have approached me. 50+, no doubt, over the last coupla years. I'm pretty confident that around 20 of them bought a Treo soon afterwards.

    I've run into very very few other Treo users though. Co-incidentally enough, at a fantasy baseball league draft with a buncha people that I'd only ever chatted with in forums such as this one, the league commish pulls out a 600 and hooks it up to his laptop so we can run the draft online. I think I may have seen 2 others over the years. I wasn't able to approach either user, but would definatly have if it had been convenient.
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    I saw a guy in line behind me at a restaraunt the other day that was showing his buddy something on his T600 while we waited in line. I wanted to say something to him and instigate a disscussion, but I was with several others from work and was riding along with one of them. I knew if I started a conversation, I'd delay everyone, so I held my enthusiasm at bay just relished the thought that I'm not alone with my newly aquired Treo in my area. I look forward to my next encounter.
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    Try beaming them instead...
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    Last Saturday night at the casino in New Orleans, a security guard stopped me. I hadn't won that much, so I couldn't imagine what he wanted. "Where did you get that case!" Seems he had a Treo 600 too and didn't know where to find a nice case. lol Needless to say - I sent him here to TC!
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    Hey if we didn't talk to strangers we would never have friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmpom
    Hey if we didn't talk to strangers we would never have friends.

    or get restraining orders against us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    or get restraining orders against us.

    You have that problem too, eh?

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