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    I have 2 270 serial is from my original Treo, the other is from the replacement I received a few months ago. I've already placed one order using one of the serial numbers...and want to place a second order with the other one, with the intention of selling on ebay and making a little profit.

    So who here has ordered multiple Treo 600's via the $399 upgrade offers? Has anyone attempted and succeeded (or failed) doing what I intend to do, use the serial numbers from both your original Treo and ones you received as replacements? Does Handsping have any restrictions, like 1 offer per address or household?
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    I can tell you (from a good source) that the program is actually a 1 per person program. HS is not supposed to be selling multiple upgrades to the same person, although it has happened. It is also a big concern that folks are selling them on ebay - having a negative impact on what they are trying to do.

    Bottom line - HS wants you to buy just one, and to use it yourself, not to resell it. Make sure you ask up front if your intent is to buy one for you and one for your wife (at the same time) or you might have your order canceled.

    I actually needed one for me, one for my wife and one for our software development guys, and they were (in the end) actually pretty reasonable when they understood why I had ordered so many. Your best bet is to ask up front, or avoid trying to "batch" order them.

    Hope this helps.
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    Can you upgrade from a treo 180?
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    i have ordered two T600s using treo 180 serial numbers. i ordered one t-mobile "optimized" and one unbranded GSM version. i had no problem placing the order via the website and received order confirmations for both. my understanding is that their policy is one unit per serial number.

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