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    Hi guys, im new to the site, although i have owned treo's before and come to the site for info on those.

    I do not yet have a treo600...2 things holding me back in canada to buy it, they are going for over 1000$ canadian from people on msg boards, you cant buy it locally from a provider.

    2nd and my question

    can you really multitask in this new version of the treo with palm1?

    if i had say a MSN messener app...could i leave that on all day without being disconnected from it everytime i checked my mail or wanted to surf the net?

    Ive heard only some apps take advantage of multitasking and its not native to palm1 in all apps....

    im just looking for the unbiased actual truth on this....its probably the biggest unknown for me and the main reason i havent taken the plunge.

    If anyone can post some answers that would be great.

    thanks to you all.
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    Chatter and Verichat will be able to receive msn input in the background (virtually). Chatter will push them to your 600 and popup a screen if you are in another application. You then can elect to switch to Chatter and continue the conversation (a relatively quick process) or continue in your initial app, and respond to individual popup messages from Chatter as the conversation progresses.

    Verichat will send you an SMS message with the content of the MSN chat message in it. You then would restart Verichat and pick up the conversation inside the Verichat app.

    I prefer the Chatter method as it involves less SMS messaging. Chatter also allows you to collate different messaging protocols for the same individual into 'Contacts'. For instance, if Joe had a Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, and email account, they could all be rolled into one contact in Chatter.

    Another cool thing with Chatter is that it does SMTP mail sending and IMAP mail recieving.
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    i dunno about messanger but with aim all incoming messages would appear as sms'd then have to click "go to" and then click on a "link" that would take you to the message. it was a huge pain in the ***. i was very hesitant about buying programs for the 600 but i didn't even think twice about deciding to get chatter.

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