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    Below is a press release posted on the nVIDIA website. Not sure whether this will effect any Treo products; but I use all nVIDIA graphics cards and can guarantee this will change the quality of the graphics on smart devices immensely. Kind of long, so you may just want to skim through it.

    PalmSource and NVIDIA Partner to Advance Graphics on Palm Powered Mobile Devices

    NVIDIA Joins Palm OS Ready Program

    Laurie Spindler, Public Relations
    PalmSource, Inc.

    Diane Vanasse
    NVIDIA Corporation

    SAN JOSE, Calif., PalmSource® Developer Conference, Feb. 10, 2004 – PalmSource, Inc. (NASDAQ: PSRC) provider of Palm OS®, a leading operating system powering next generation mobile devices and NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced plans to enhance the graphics acceleration in Palm Powered® smart mobile devices running Palm OS® Cobalt and Palm OS® Garnet. NVIDIA joins existing Palm OS Ready Partners Intel, ATI, M-Systems, Motorola, Samsung Semiconductor and Texas Instruments.

    As a member of the Palm OS Ready Program, PalmSource will provide NVIDIA with Palm OS Garnet and Cobalt tools and components designed to enable the creation of software drivers for the NVIDIA® GoForce™ family of media processors and make them available to Palm OS licensees. The NVIDIA GoForce media processors offers advanced features for smart mobile devices, including support for multi-megapixel image capture, accelerated graphics for gaming, and video capture and playback. Using dedicated hardware accelerator engines, the GoForce processors deliver high performance for multimedia applications and drive high-resolution displays, while minimizing battery life consumption on the device.

    “Partnering with one of the leading mobile platform providers, PalmSource, supports our business strategy of extending our graphics solutions to deepen our penetration in the market for smart mobile devices,” said Phil Carmack, general manager and vice president of handheld group at NVIDIA. “We believe Palm OS licensees will benefit from NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology, manufacturing leadership and global support infrastructure to create successful mobile solutions tailored to the multimedia and entertainment markets.”

    “We believe that combining NVIDIA’s technological expertise in the mobile device market with the flexibility and ease-of-use of Palm OS, licensees can leverage the tools and resources to build new products for the multimedia market that feature higher display resolutions, video capture and playback features,” said David Nagel, president and CEO of PalmSource, Inc.
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    As someone affiliated with PalmSource said outright on palminfocenter:

    == "...I'd also like to remind the gentle readers of PalmInfoCenter
    == that there is no "Palm" anymore. Really, truly there isn't.
    == There's a PalmSource, the software platform company I work
    == for; and there's palmOne, the largest licensee of Palm OS.
    == They are two totally separate companies, with separate
    == management, stock, and headquarters. We're not even
    == located in the same city.
    == Mike
    == CCO, PalmSource..."

    PalmSource making arrangements with NVidia has ramifications for PalmSource and ANY device manufacturer that uses PalmSources operating system(s).

    SONY appears to be the biggest user of those Operating Systems. (maybe not given that quote above!)

    SONY puts out new devices at an amazing rate.

    Look for NVidia THERE.
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