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    Is there an easy way to open docs from an SD card? So far all I can do is add them to sync with Docs 2 go. I'd like to open and edit my files like I could with my old Ipaq. Granted I love my treo but if I could open and edit those files I'd be in heavin.
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    Huh? Are you sure your using DTG ver. 6? You should be able to view and edit docuements on your card...
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    you might have to resave them. I to redo my files and save them as "Word Document (*.doc)" and not as "Word 97-2002 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)" or word perfect *.docs

    just try re-saving the documents, I know docs2go 6 will open them as I use that program for my *.docs and *.xls files.
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