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    Forgive my ignorance here...

    I just got a Treo 600 and have started reading these boards and I see the term "unlocked" being used. I have also seen it on eBay.

    Came someone explain what this means? TIA.

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    it means you can unlock yer phone from the service provider and use any simcard and u aint bound by any restrictive practice of the contract you bought the phone/pda with. If you are happy with the provider u have and are not intending to travel then u should ignore the temptation to unlock. It is adventageous to us GSM users who want to be free of the cr*p providers that tie us to their extortionate international rates. Home boys don't really need to unlock if they are happy with their contracts. Hope that explains the unlock thang... if you are sound with your current deal, forget it
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    How does the phone info look like in the unlock treo under the category "software"? I previously tried that firmware update from one of the threads here and ended up with "not compatible with this phone". It now reads,"software:PRNAME-REVNUM/312." and not sprint rev.#. I would appreciate any helpful comment. Thanks to everyone here at TreoCentral!

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