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    I have no idea what CDMA means but so far, having been in this forum since I was a 270 GSM user I have detected mostly gripes from Sprint owners, and if they have any alternative to Sprint I think they should vote with their feet. Why do you lot stay with this provider, have they a monopoly in your area or what?
    I cannot understand why SMS has been delayed, or why you put up with such a lame upgrade. surely you are paying premium rates and mega dosh for the handset, so why say with them?
    Something aint right lads, especially since the unlock is available. Can't you go GSM? There would be more time for harware and upgrade talk.
    I realise GSM handsets are like hens teeth, but you seem to be feeding the beast.
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    As for SMS, it's a moot point since it's on its way. (I just got it here in Miami, in fact). The reason I stay with Sprint is because from what I understand, its network is faster, and the unlimited data plan is unmatched. I don't know if the former is hype or not, but from what I understand GSM users pay more for heavy internet access. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong).
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    GSM coverage is quite a bit less than CDMA in the US. The reason myself (and probably others) went with Sprint is the need for coverage outside metropolitan areas.
    The Sprint unit has the added benefit that it will roam on other CDMA networks, that allows you to have a signal in a signifigant portion of the US, with the GSM model you can only roam on other GSM carriers which as I've said, the coverage is lacking.

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