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    PNY 512MB SD Card #309856
    $179.99 - $50 instant savings - $30 rebate = $99.99

    2/8 - 2/14

    sounds like a good deal to me... is this a good card or not even worth it.

    ..I wasn't sure where to post this ..I also posted in the proper thread i think ...
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    Good price, good card. I have a PNY 256k card and it works fine. Prices will continue to fall as the 1 gb cards make it to market. Was there an ad for this card? Didn't see it in my local paper...
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    Yes, that's a good price. Is it only available in the store? I don't see it on the website.

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    512MB Secure Digital Memory Card
    Manufacturer: PNY
    Mfg Part #: P-SD512-RF3
    Product Number: 309856

    Price: $99.99*
    after: $50.00 instant rebate(s)
    $30.00 mail-in rebate(s)

    Click here -->CompUSA - PNY 512mb Secure Digital card.
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    Sold out in all my local stores and on the website

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    Funny thing is it was sold out even before (or as soon as) it was listed. Sounds like a chaep maketing trick to me.
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    At my local CompUSA. Great price. They had them under lock and key and the store manager had to get them out of the case, not one of the sales guys.
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    According to the web site ..none of the stores withen 50 miles from me has them in stock ...this pisses me off do you run out a few hours into a sale .. don't they have to honor it ... isn't this called bait and switch.
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    The compusa near me had loads of them sitting right out on a shelf alongside the sandisk ones, etc. Seriously, there must have been like 100 of them on the shelf. Great price on a decent card....suits my needs just fine.

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    Now the link above produces NO results even for the product!
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    just a quick follow up... I went to the compusa store and the shelf looked barron. so I looked down and saw one behind the counter I got it ..woo hoo ...even though the web site says they aare out of stock.
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    I bought a PNY 256 MB card at J&R MusicWorld in NYC for ~$60 and got a $20 rebate. Not a bad deal. The card has worked fine.

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