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    Apologies for being too lazy to research all the frequencies in play to figure this out myself...

    The other day I set my Sprint Treo 600 (running Verichat, so using data services) on my dashboard near my radar detector.

    Not sure if it was my imagination or not, but it seemed that when the camera was close to the radar detector (6-8 inches away) and positioned at the particular angle, it would sporadically cause the radar detector to beep.

    Radar detector is a multi-band detector - X, K, Wideband Ka.

    Possible? Or my vivid imagination???
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    Hey man, come to think of it I think you`re right.. I got a bell 980 and it does go off randomly.. Often makes me look around and slow down, and usually it detects KA band. Hmmmmm interesting...
    It`s not how you stand by your car, It`s how you race your car.
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    Get a Valentine One....
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    Nope, doesn't affect my Valentine 1 in the slightest.

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    ACdriver. A ValintineOne is the 
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    only the best radar locator made. Mike Valentine is the designer/engineer of it. I think the URL is

    Who is Mike Valentine...Co-inventer of the original Escort by Cincenatti Microwave. This was back in the earliy 80's before Cincinatti Micro went down hill due to the quest for the all mighty dollar IMHO in the mid 90's.
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    my treo keeps clipping off the end of my post...must be a wierd character I was trying to use?

    Anyway the V1 is the Treo600 of the radar detector on steroids.
    Regards, Matt
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    thats a good one man..hehehe
    It`s not how you stand by your car, It`s how you race your car.
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    If my Treo is on the Internet it sets off the alarms in trhe doors of some business when I enter or leave
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    I have a Passport 8500 and don't have any issues with false alarms when my T600 is in the car with me.
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    I'm an Insurance Agent. If you guys get to Boston, don't call me for your Auto Policy. I don't need speeder who are surfing the net while driving.
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    Wow, I thought my Passport Cordless Solo S2 was expensive.

    Solo S2

    The Valentine cost more!

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