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    Can Anyone help me find out how to access the WAP settings on the Treo 600 for cingular? I am trying to figure out how to change the default home page that come up when you start the browser.
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    I called one of the cingular guys that handles corporate tech support. I should have answer tomorrow morning (about 10am EST)
    Update: (2/11)
    We're going back and forth, apparently they're having issues figuring it out themselves.
    Time for FileZ maybe?
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    LOL thanks a million will be looking forward to it
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    Played phone tag with Cingular during the day before I left the office.
    Went thru almost every file with filez, no luck. On a random note, my Nokia 6800 defaults to the cingular site when I activate the web browser on it if I don't select a bookmark. i'm wondering if it is a setting on Cingular's network. I'll make sure to mention this theory to Cingular when I finally win the game of tag.

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