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    Is anyone using the Handspring Beta Mail Client. I noticed in some posts that some of you are using it and have no problem accesssing sprintpcs mail and yahoomail on it.

    I trying it currently and neither is working.

    Anyway also having trouble with it lately?

    I was using Sprint Business Connection, but before I even got it to work realized it wasn't what I was looking for.
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    Use it with no problems on Sprint. Had to play around with the smtp settings a bit, but basically followed this thread
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    I stopped using it a month ago because of the bug which causes the mail data file to grow and grow. It got to the point where I cleaned out all my mailboxes and the data file still measured 10MB is size!

    Deleting the data file solves the problem, but this file also contains all the account settings, so you have to set things up all over again.

    Other than that, the app works fine, but I like Snappermail now. I like how snapper tells you the estimated time to completion when getting mail or downloading attachments.
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    The HS mail program worked great for me. But I like Snappermail's ability to simply press "j" for junk, and the message is deleted from the POP server. Later, when on my desktop, I am only downloading important emails, instead of 30 spam or unimportant emails.
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