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    Unlimited internet; unlimited email; unlimited SMS messaging; 2500+ minutes a month so that we can talk to anyone and everyone; car adapters so we're always charged; headsets so we can talk everywhere; bluetooth so we can connect our phones to our laptops and access the internet from anywhere; and the list goes on and on...

    Ok, people. It's time somebody asked this most inflamatory of questions: WHO NEEDS ALL THIS CRAP ON A FREAKIN' CELL PHONE?

    Have we become so ingrained with our technology that we can't leave the house or office and be disconnected for an hour or two? The cell phone industry and the tech rags have sold us a bill of goods and convinced us that we have to be connected and available, with all our resources at hand, 24 hours a day. And we're shelling out $100 bucks plus a piece to do it.

    Assuming that there's a shred of truth to the cell phone radiation/health risk stories we see so often, then we can assume we're all gonna die from cell phone-induced cancer and brain damage, and for what? So that we could check our office email and return that phone call while we should have been eating lunch and relaxing, carrying on an actual conversation with a real human being, or reading a magazine or newspaper, or some other constructive thing.

    Two months ago, I put my Treo on eBay, replaced it with a $20 a month cell phone, and started leaving my laptop at home. I've started listening to the radio now in the car rather than talking on the phone. I let people go to voicemail on the cell and don't answer it when I'm out on personal time. Geez, it's wonderful. Everyone should try it sometime.

    Don't get me wrong, here, I'm not against technology. I have a lovely desktop computer at home, and it does some very cool things for me, like filing my tax return, and makes balancing my checkbook effortless. I even have a few games I like to play. I check my email in the evening and surf the net for an hour every now and then. I enjoy technology. But I realized a while back that technology was using me instead of me using it.

    I think though, as a society, that we're falling for every consumer trick the industry throws at us, from '24 hour connectivity' to 'you really need this behemoth SUV to drive three miles to work.'

    Do we really need to be connected wherever we go? Or is it just a matter of WANT, not NEED? I tend to go with the 'WANT' interpretation, myself.

    Ok, I'm done flaming. Please feel free to flame back.
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    For most people it probably is a matter of "want" rather than "need." But so what?

    You want to listen to the radio, I want to peruse the web. (BTW, I can do both at the same time!) Is your "want" better than "mine?" No, just different.

    If a $20 cell phone makes you happy, go for it. If a $400 Treo makes me happy, so be it. That's why we have choices.

    FWIW, I"m not available 24x7. My cell phone goes off when I go to bed, and at other times I don't want to be bothered. Just because I can leave the phone on all the time doesn't mean I have to. And just because it rings doesn't mean I have to answer it.
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    cadetstimpy, In 5 words: Life Is Short Have Fun
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    Geez, your rant gives me a headache

    Glad you enjoy your $20 phone. I enjoy my $399 phone.

    Glad you enjoy the radio in the car... I enjoy my iPod in my car.

    I never answer my phone when driving, even handsfree.

    Glad you were unplugged ... but like mentioned earlier, just cause it rings at 11pm at night doesnt mean I have to answer it.

    Glad you found yourself, but to each his own.

    -- Vikram
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    I don't have a life, I live and breathe for my Treo 600, it rules me, and is master of my universe.
    I wanted it, now I need it like oxygen.
    Relationships are no longer required, I have my 3 way device.
    I polish it instead of my wombat.
    I would rather watch a Kinoma movie that socialise.
    I put fake dates and appointments in the calander.
    strange thing is, no one phones me anymore... why could that be?
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    When I go to bed, I listen to mp3's or Shoutcast stations. When I first wake up, [geek warning] I like to check my email, review incoming faxes, delete the spam, and look at a few news and political sites - all before I get out of bed.

    When I don't want to answer the phone on personal time (or when I am playing a really good game), people get my voicemail.
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    There is a life outside of playin with my Treo? Hmmmmmm
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    I agree with everything the original poster said, and I think it's a great perspective to keep in mind. On the other hand, connected devices are so popular precisely because people want them. That's not objectively bad. Plus certain jobs, such as sales, require a higher level of connectivity.
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    if you start applying 'need vs. want' to things, you can't just apply it to phones, and the list is incredibly long. probably better not to go there...
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    I was kinda curious why the original poster was hanging around in the treoventral forum, anyway ....
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